Reliant Stone

Benefits over others:

Semi-automatic system gets rid of things that tend to be annoying with other “filter-based” systems. No constant need to check and remove debris or replace filters. Our system is filter free and uses a chemical floculant to maintain the system.

It just keeps working. It produces sufficient recycled water quality, and produces consitent flow.

High volume gallons per minute.

* Made in USA
* Tracking Number
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What are the technical specs

Main Cone Bottom Tank: 2500 Gallons
Gray Water Tank: Varies based on needs 1,000 Gallons to 4,000 Gallons

Production value to shop

With EPA and OSHA regulations increasing in 2020, you will need to have a water system. Our water system is compliant and will keep your shop in production with few headaches.

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What are the major pain points this machine solves
Peace of mind when it comes to regulations and compliance.(EPA and OSHA).
Minimal Water Bill.
NO constant filters to change
(Non-Stop) Clean Water Recycling

Installation service available, however, any basic plumber can install this system. 

Add chemical and change slurry bag occasionally (based on production)

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What does it make easier
High water flow
Prolongs life of equipment by providing proper water flow gpm

No Software required

Colors Available

Customize your color to match your shop