Reliant Stone

Benefits over others:

The most ridged and reliable sink cutout machine in this price point.
And is capable of accommodating a full slab island with optional support

* Made in USA
* Tracking Number
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What are the technical specs:

Overall machine size is 9 feet x 5 feet
Weight 2800lbs

Supply Requirements:
230 volt 3-phase 30 amp power supply (Single-phase option available)
Air supply 90 psi, 3 cubic feet per minute
Water supply 3-5 gallons per minute

Production value to shop

The machine automatically cuts out 3 to 4 sinks per hour, without dust
or excessive noise, like handheld grinders. Gives consistent sink size,
position and quality on every job. Very complex sinks can be cut just as
easily as simple ones. Can cut seamless rim sinks with a clean fit, that
takes hours to do by hand ( )

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What are the major pain points this machine solves

Cutting sinks by hand creates a huge amount of dust, it ruins grinders, its the most hazardous operation in countertop production, blades jam and teeth fly out, sink cutouts fall, and the dust is hazardous too. This machine eliminates all these issues.


Machine comes with detailed videos for setup and installation, as well as videos explaining operation. In-person installation and training is optional.


Machines needs basic greasing weekly and monthly. Average spindle bearing life is 600 to 800 sink cutouts.

Colors Available

Customize your color to match your shop


Machines are shipped on flatbed and can be lifted by a standard 5000lb forklift. Customer can unload by themselves. It can also be picked up at our Clearwater production facility.

What does it make easier

It speeds up production. It will allow the shop to comply with OSHA dust requirements.


Machine includes the necessary software for the office computer to freehand draw sinks, and to adjust DXF files that are downloaded from sink manufacturers/suppliers online. The software displays a 3D preview of that sink being cut.