Reliant Stone

Benefits over others:

When you integrate our Bridge saw with our standard table, our pneumatic angle finding lock (using an airlock and air break) allows the operator to set the cut position easily and with minimal effort.

Our table allows the cutter to set cut angles fast due to the semi-automatic angle lock.

* Made in USA
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What are the technical specs
Size: 10.5 x 6.5 ft.
Weight: Approx. 2750 lbs.
Height: 32 in. from ground to table top
Requires: Compressed air (90psi @ 2 CFM)
Requires: 220V for Hydraulic Pump (15 Amp Single Phase)

Production value to shop
Ease of loading and unloading material
Accurate Positioning during cuts
Get Accurate Level all around

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What are the major pain points this machine solves
Stop manually pushing and pulling slabs onto your table. Stop suffering. Having to use additional material to create a level surface (shims and 2x4s).

Can be installed by virtually anyone. 2 step process. Anchor to ground and level it.

Installation support available. Call for details.

Virtually maintenance free.
2 times per year grease a couple of hinge points.

Call for details.

What does it make easier
See above

no software

Colors Available