Reliant Stone

Benefits over others:

Our machine is able to provide a one step true 45 degree every time without tying up your bridgesaw. Bring in truer efficiencies.

Highly portable.

Safe double-insulated.

* Made in USA
* Tracking Number
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What are the technical specs

High quality milwakee motor (monster motor). 3.5 horsepower. It is double-insulated.

Comes with 10 Foot guide rail (additional lengths available).


Production value to shop

Cuts down bridesaw time. The perfect addition to shops who do not have briedesaws capable of making 45 degree cuts. 

What are the major pain points this machine solves. 

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No special set up required.
Plug and play easy setup.

Virtually maintenance free.

Compact and Easy to ship.

What does it make easier
see above.

No software

Colors Available

Customize your color to match your shop