Reliant Stone

We take pride of our product and the capabilities it can do

Reliant Sink

The most ridged and reliable sink cutout machine in this price point. And is capable of accommodating a full slab island with optional support table.
  • Overall machine size is 9 feet x 5 feet
  • Weight 2800lbs
  • 230 volt 3-phase 30 amp power supply (Single-phase option available)
  • Air supply 90 psi, 3 cubic feet per minute
  • Water supply 3-5 gallons per minute

Reliant Cut

Rides on replaceable precision linear bearings, which is different than conventional roller bearing straight steel. Our system uses a grooved, smooth.
  • Overall machine size is 17 feet x 17 feet (similar to industry standard).
  • Blade motor 20 hp.

Reliant Edge

Benefits over others: When you integrate our Bridge saw with our standard table, our pneumatic angle finding lock (using an airlock and air break) allows the operator to set the cut position easily and with minimal effort.
  • Our table allows the cutter to set cut angles fast due to the semi-automatic angle lock.

Reliant Miter

Our machine is able to provide a one step true 45 degree every time without tying up your bridgesaw. Bring in truer efficiencies.
  • Highly portable
  • Safe double-insulated
  • Comes with 10 Foot guide rail (additional lengths available).

Reliant Water System

Semi-automatic system gets rid of things that tend to be annoying with other “filter-based” systems. No constant need to check and remove debris or replace filters. Our system is filter free and uses a chemical floculant to maintain the system.
  • It just keeps working. It produces sufficient recycled water quality, and produces consitent flow.
  • High volume gallons per minute.